Why You Should Print Tradeshow Dailies

Conference organizers are continually looking for ways to maximize their tradeshow marketing budget. While many different strategies get tossed around in the industry, traditional tradeshow dailies are still at the top when it comes to the effectiveness of displaying your message. In the digital world we live in today, it’s refreshing to know trade show dailies can still make an impact. And in many ways, they could be more impactful than digital platforms since they don’t have to compete with the digital noise directly. In other words, printing tradeshow dailies is still a viable marketing strategy as long as you put together an impactful product.

The Importance of Printing Tradeshow Dailies

Simply putting together a tradeshow daily at the last minute may give your attendees something to look at, but chances are your product won’t be very meaningful to them. Planning and preparation are critical for success, including how it connects with your other marketing channels. Working with a reputable printing company is also a crucial component in the success of your marketing strategy. Timing and quality are two of the most important factors when you are working on tight deadlines, so be sure to only work with the best to maximize the effectiveness of your trade show dailies.

Incorporating Tradeshow Dailies with Other Marketing Channels

Some people choose only to promote information via digital channels. While this may expand their reach, they are also leaving open gaps in their tradeshow marketing strategy. If you have a mobile app, consider incorporating a daily into it. And if you have a social media account, share your daily through the platforms of your choice. By incorporating printed tradeshow dailies with other digital marketing channels, you’ll be maximizing the reach to your targeted audience without going too far out of the way.

Tips for Creating Tradeshow Dailies That Get Noticed

Details matter, including paper quality. From a content perspective, include easily scannable information. Attendees of trade shows can get overwhelmed with the amount of information, and if they can’t find what they are looking for quickly on your tradeshow daily, they may focus their attention elsewhere. You can make yours stand out by using bold, italics, capital letters, bullet points, and other strategies to highlight essential information.

The graphics on your tradeshow dailies are of utmost importance. Working with a printing company that can print sharp and detailed graphics is critical to impress attendees. Just be careful not to include too many graphics, so your daily isn’t overwhelming.

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