Week 9

With now only three weeks left in my internship, the job is starting to hit the climax! Something important in all work is getting criticism and working out the rough drafts. However, it is frustrating when the work done has to be completely remodeled. This week I learned my auditing program has a good start, but the layout and specific questions do not match the purpose of the internal audit, but more of a 6S audit. Going into week 10, I am determined from my frustrations to have the best audit program and learn from my mistakes. Secondly, as I review my SOP rough drafts and make edits, I am knowledgeable on how to change them.


If there’s one thing this job has taught me, its that nothing is good the first time around, there’s always a way to make it better. Through the audits, SOPs, Root Cause, Corrective Action Report, T- Shirt designs, Banner designs and more, everything can be better, you must strive for the best version. I hope in my last two- three weeks at Lithographics I can deliver the best versions of all my projects.