Week 5

Today marks 5 weeks into my internship! Today was one of my busier days as all of the projects are starting to overlap. I worked on 6S this week and Bindery is finished except for die cutter. I am happy to say the bindery is looking cleaner and more organized. I started quality this week as well! I have been learning about ISO, PPM and reviewing SOPs. This weekend I will take time to review SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and correct them. Next week we will jump into more SOP work and ISO 9000. My goal is to create an audible operations system to benefit the managers, employees, and the rest of the staff.

Apart from my 3 projects, I have joined the Lithographics safety team!

I have been able to use my design and Adobe skills to produce a banner and t shirt designs! I am excited to continue my work!