Week 3

I am ending my third week at Lithographics, and I finally understand the actual process that goes into print production. I have learned from the operations side all week and spent most of my hours with the manufacturing team. I began to tackle 6S, which stands for: sort, straighten, sweep, standardize, self-discipline and safety. The first order of business is to sort. Two areas where I focused this week were the hand workers and one of the stitchers. While there is still work to be done in those areas, I am pleased with the progress.

And I spent time with the pressroom figuring out the exact job requirements and tasks that go into projects on sheetfed and web presses. I enjoyed watching how everything came together—plates, ink, and the press’s mechanics.

Job requirements are the new stage of development I am working through. I prepared rough drafts for team evaluations and equipment evaluations. The job requirements information is a basic layer of check boxes we as a development team can go through when evaluating new and veteran members of the Lithographics family. I am excited my plans are moving forward, and I look forward to next week’s progress!