Week 2

This week, I created my own schedule and participated in “Around the World.” This means I went through the entire company and learned various positions to go through the entire process of a job. From estimating to CSR to being a press operator, each job matters and a vital part of a the total process to produce a project. The staff is kind and exceptionally helpful. I enjoyed learning about the process and having individual lessons from different staff members. For example, in the operations portion of “Around the World,” I learned the basics of equipment, how it runs, how to troubleshoot, and how it helps the entire process. I am thankful for each team member who helped me learn and let me join in their job.


Other than “Around the World,” I have officially made a plan for each day. Next week I will be starting the first portion of 6S, which is sorting. From there, I will be working on every section of the facility, figuring out the SOPs, the CARs, and how to make work more efficient. I am excited to start working hard on development and leaving an impact!