Week 11

Today is my last Friday at Lithographics and it is bittersweet. I have four more business days as at this company and the work is starting to slow down. Today I completed a whole new training program. While rewarding to finish, it is bittersweet to not see my work go into action. As much as I would like to see the development of the company, I look forward to going back to school and taking this experience into the real world. I think my knowledge of printing will benefit me in another job and my major, but the work lessons such as being a part of a team, reworking material, pushing through frustrations, learning to be alert in meetings, and being aware of my surroundings, are lessons I can take day by day. This job has taught me the beauty of simplicity and working hard for what you want. I am excited for my last week in Nashville and look forward to sharing the fun experiences of my time at Lithographics.