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Web Printing Plus Inline Finishing is the Best of Both Worlds

At Lithographics, our five-unit web press is equipped with inline finishing equipment. We start with a roll of paper at one end of the press. The roll prints on both sides first, and then rapidly goes through a series of finishing operations such as:

  • Pattern Perforating
  • Die-cutting
  • Remoistenable pattern gluing
  • Fugitive gluing
  • Single-folds, gatefolds, double-gatefolds, and signatures
  • Spine pasting
  • Trimming to final size


Since you can print and finish a piece in one operation, this process can save you time and money while still providing a high-quality finished product. With a maximum printing area of 22.25” x 37.5”, you have loads of options for creative design.


Projects that are a perfect fit for web printing with inline finishing include:

  • Flyers
  • Inserts
  • Coupon sheets
  • A wide range of direct mail formats
  • Peel-back tab projects
  • 2 page to 16 page brochures and catalogs
  • Mini-catalogs
  • Order forms
  • Catalog signatures with die-cut shapes
  • Mailers with nested letters


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