The Science of Printing


6 Reasons Proofing Matters for Print Excellence

Where creativity meets precision in print, the proofing process emerges as a crucial checkpoint between envisioning and realization. Whether you're producing marketing collateral, packaging, or other materials, the proofing stage plays a pivotal role in ensuring that your creative vision is accurately translated onto the final printed project.
How Coatings, Lamination Films, and Finishing Processes Can Impact Print Colors

How Coatings, Lamination Films, and Finishing Processes Can Impact Print Colors

The aesthetics and overall effect of a final printed piece are not solely determined by the quality of ink and paper. In fact, the finishing touches, such as coatings, lamination films, and various other processes, play a pivotal role in enhancing both the visual appeal and durability of printed materials.
Color Expectations

The Vital Role of Precision in Communicating Color Expectations to Your Print Partner

The world of color is subjective and nuanced, where the perception of a hue can vary from one individual to another. When it comes to print design, this subjectivity becomes even more important, since differences in perception can affect the ultimate outcome of a print project.
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The Impact of Time and Cost Constraints on Your Printed Piece

In the fast-paced world of print production, where deadlines loom and budgets must be managed judiciously, time and cost constraints can significantly influence the outcome of a printed piece.
What Is the Color Gamut?

Understanding the Color Gamut

Reproducing vibrant, crisp colors is one of the cornerstones of printing. To get it right, it’s important to pay close attention to one particular aspect of print technology: the color gamut or the full range of colors that a printer can produce. Not all color gamuts are created equal. Here is what every print professional should know.
G7 Print Experience

G7 Certification: Elevating Your Print Experience

In the dynamic landscape of printing, where precision and color accuracy are paramount, the importance of choosing the right print service provider cannot be overstated. One notable distinction that sets printers apart is the G7 certification. Explore why working with a G7-certified printer like Lithographics is not just a choice but a strategic decision that can elevate the quality and consistency of your print projects.
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Six Reasons Why Your Printed Piece Looks Different from Your Computer Display

The transition from the vibrant glow of a computer monitor to the tangible reality of a printed piece can sometimes be accompanied by an unexpected revelation in the digital design age. Sometimes, the colors and appearance aren't quite what you envisioned. Our Lithographics experts are here to manage the discrepancy between your computer monitor display and the final printed result, plus how designers can navigate this challenge.
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The Impact of Lighting Conditions on Your Printed Piece

The success of a visually compelling print piece extends beyond the creativity invested in its conception and the precision of its production. An often underestimated yet crucial factor is the lighting setup under which the print is viewed. Learn how lighting can significantly impact the perception of printed materials and influence the overall effectiveness of your visual communication.
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The Impact of Printing Substrates on Color Reproduction: Unveiling the Canvas of Possibilities

Color reproduction is one printing technology element that can make or break the visual appeal of printed materials. The choice of printing substrates is crucial in determining the accuracy, vibrancy, and overall quality of color reproduction. This article sheds light on the fascinating interplay that defines the canvas of possibilities for printers and designers alike.