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Looking for promotional product solutions? Our comprehensive services cover every step of the process. We start at the beginning by sourcing materials and working with you on designing every item. Then, we print and assemble your orders, along with any accompanying materials you want to include. Our team can also can pack kits, warehouse, and fulfill. It’s all tied together with our online ordering solutions for a hassle-free process, so you can focus on what matters most.


In the manufacturing world, marketing covers everything from in-person tradeshows and events, to sales promotions and giveaways, as well as long-term loyalty programs and sales calls.

With branded promotional products, you’ll have memorable ways to bolster these strategies from start to finish. The right products representing your brand can make all the difference and help you stand out from the crowd!

  • When hosting booths at tradeshows and events, use promotional products for giveaways and eye-catching displays. Branded apparel can create a clear and unified “look” for your whole team.
  • Consider using small, branded promotional items as lead magnets or as “bonus” items to accompany marketing materials.
  • Leave-behinds for sales calls will ensure that your brand stays in the customer’s mind well after the initial call ends.
  • Onboarding new customers? Thank them for joining with branded gifts.
  • Build a loyalty programs, rewarding repeat customers with exclusive branded merchandise.

Lithographics can work with you to produce branded promotional products, apparel, awards, and plaques to suit all of your manufacturing and marketing needs.

Consumer Products

Consumers are looking for two main things in their products: appeal to the eye, and usefulness. When you choose high-quality branded promotional products, your company can stand out and attract (and keep) more consumers than ever.

Consumer Products

Build loyal customer relationships with a strategy involving promotional products:

  • Show your appreciation to longtime customers with branded promotional products, from small items to branded apparel and more. Plus, these items keep your brand in the front of customers’ minds for future projects!
  • Everyone loves to feel “exclusive.” Official loyalty programs can create that feeling of by rewarding customers with unique branded merch.
  • Upgrade the onboarding process to thank consumers for choosing your company with branded gifts.
  • Get your brand out there with clever and useful products that consumers will love, so that they’ll represent your brand every time they use it.

Lithographics is here to help you through the whole process of creating memorable consumer products. We’ll work to ensure that your ideas become a reality and represent your brand just how you want.


In the fast-moving world of education, one constant is the need for high-quality, attractive, and useful branded promotional products. Affiliation with a school can be a particularly emotional experience for many people, which means that branded apparel and related promo products can have an even bigger impact.

In education, these promotional opportunities have multiple purposes. They aim to attract new students, but they also target alumni, potential donors, and attracting and retaining the best educational and administrative talent.

  • Branded apparel, like T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats, is one of the most iconic ways for educational institutions to represent their brand. Sell it in spirit shops or do giveaways at the big game; offer comfy clothes for students to study in or branded polos and office wear for employees. It’s all about that school spirit!
  • Use smaller branded items as lead magnets or as leave-behinds for prospective students as they decide where to enroll.
  • Put together helpful welcome kits to welcome new students and new employees to the community, with branded products they can really use.
  • When heading out on recruitment tours, bring small promotional products along to keep your institution at the forefront of prospective students’ minds.

Professional Services

Professional Services

Even for brands that provide professional services instead of products, promotional products can be a helpful part of your marketing strategy.

  • Create a coordinated “look” for your on-the-job employees using branded apparel.
  • Small, branded promotional items can be included with marketing materials or as lead magnets.
  • Welcome and show appreciation to new clients with a branded onboarding kit.
  • Reward ongoing relationships through loyalty programs, with branded apparel or other useful merchandise as “thank you” gifts.
  • Leave-behinds for sales calls will ensure that your brand stays in the customer’s mind well after the initial call ends.


You might not think about it as much, but branding is just as important in the healthcare industry as in any other niche. From items geared at the public to appreciation gifts for your dedicated staff, these promotional products can give your organization a boost.

  • Branded uniforms and apparel create a coordinated and recognizable appearance for your whole staff.
  • Small, branded promotional items can be included with any marketing materials, both to current clients and as lead magnets for new prospects.
  • Patient onboarding can be stressful under the best of circumstances. Show them you care with a small branded item as a thank-you for choosing your practice.
  • Want to show appreciation for the healthcare workers on your team? Give them branded products they’ll actually use.

Lithographics is ready to assist your healthcare organization with all your marketing needs, including developing and executing a strategy for promotional products from start to finish.

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