Not Too Much, Not Too Little – Applying “Goldilocks” Thinking to Collateral Ordering

Looking for ways to save money on print collateral without cutting quality corners? Lithographics is here to help with ordering optimization solutions. Figuring out the right quantity of collateral to order can be tricky. After all, if you order too much, you’re left with waste, and if you order too little, your campaign may not be as successful, or you may have to pay even more for a rush order. That’s why we make it easy to optimize your orders and make the most of every marketing dollar!

Here are a few tips we recommend to help you order the “just right” quantity of printed collateral:

  • Update frequency. Before ordering collateral, consider how often each piece will need to be updated. For materials that are likely to change regularly, it’s more cost-effective to order smaller quantities more frequently. For materials that are unlikely to change for a while, you may be able to order larger quantities all at once without fear of waste.
  • Just-in-time printing: Excess stock can mean extra costs in storage, organization, and labor fees, not just the cost of printing. Instead, try aligning your ordering with a “just-in-time” strategy so you’ll receive exactly what you need, exactly when it’s needed.
  • Inventory management: A reliable tracking system can be worth its weight in gold when it comes to avoiding ordering mistakes. Regularly monitoring inventory levels helps ensure you don’t over-order or under-order.

While bulk ordering may save you money on a general, per-piece basis, it doesn’t make sense for every situation or every campaign. Instead, Lithographics offers a wide range of solutions designed to meet every need, every time.

Three Print Types Under One Roof: Lithographics offers digital, offset, and web offset printing. Each process is ideal for different types and quantities of print, so whatever quantity you need, we have the right equipment and expertise to make it happen.

Cutting-Edge Equipment Base: We constantly monitor the latest trends, technologies, and developments, ensuring our equipment and skills are up-to-date. Our equipment base includes the HP Indigo 100K Digital Press, which bridges offset and digital with all the digital benefits of a no-plates-needed approach, plus the ability to print quality, double-sided, 4-color pieces in just one pass. It also features larger sheets and faster speeds than many other digital options. It’s just one of several options Lithographics provides to ensure you get the service you need.

Print-On-Demand: When you need print-on-demand, Lithographics can help. From short runs to variable data printing and more, our experts will work with you for print-on-demand projects—all with the same quality you depend on with other Lithographics projects. With custom storefronts using our online LithoFlow ordering technology, it’s easier than ever for your authorized staff members to order and restock key collateral pieces.

If you’re unsure which solutions will work for you, talk to our team. We can help you identify the optimal quantity, price point, print options, and more, all to ensure your print collateral meets your unique needs. Contact Lithographics today to learn more!