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Continuous Improvement – Expanded Proof Options for Uncoated Paper Projects

There’s no doubt about it: proofing processes have changed a lot since Lithographics first opened our doors in 1975. When we got our start, the common proofs were Bluelines, Kodak Matchprints, and Dupont Chromalins. Over time, expectations and technology evolved, and we’ve changed along with them every step of the way.   Today, many projects…
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Is It Time for Publishers to Rethink Sourcing and Print in the USA?

We’ve all seen the headlines about the global supply chain being severely disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, with everything from computer chips to coffee syrups in short supply due to various problems with production and shipping. Though less talked-about than some of the buzzier industries, publishing too has faced shortages, delays, and other issues. As…
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Lithographics Recognized for Printing Excellence in the 2021 PIAS Awards

The Printing Industry Association of the South, Inc. (PIAS) announced the winners of its 2021 Graphic Awards at a special presentation on June 22, 2021, during the PIAS 46th Annual Convention at the Hilton SanDestin Beach Resort in Destin, Florida. Lithographics is proud to announce they won 19 awards, including Best in Division, Best in…
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Meet our New Folder, a Stahlfolder KH-82 from Heidelberg

Lithographics is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that clients have all the supplies and support they need to succeed. As business practices and printing technology both evolve, Lithographics is committed to investing in new equipment and expertise to meet client needs.   Case in point? Meet our new folder, a Stahlfolder…
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Outdoor Events Are Back – At Least for Lithographics

The week of the Lithographics Spring Paper Show started out with wind, rain, and intermittent tornado warnings. The Lithographic team watched reports anxiously. Improvement was  promised. On Wednesday, a general sigh of relief went up when the skies cleared and the sun reappeared. And when Thursday, May 6 arrived, it was a perfect day with…
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Lithographics 2020 Year in Review

As the challenges of 2020 give way to hope for a better new year, we’d like to take just a moment to look back at the past year and thank the wonderful people who have kept us going through the tough times.   Lithographics is proud to have been part of our Nashville community for…
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Why You Should Send Environmentally Friendly Print Instead of Email Newsletters

Support is growing around the world among consumers and investors for going green. When it comes to communications, eco-friendly print is gaining wider adoption. It can even be a more sustainable solution than distributing email newsletters across the internet. Here are key environmentally friendly printing concepts to keep in mind if you want to make…
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Advantages of Print vs. Email

These days, far too many people think digital advertising is the only option and print options have gone the way of the horse and buggy. Sure, email has a place in most modern marketing campaigns, but print-based strategies have plenty of benefits of their own. When planning your own advertising scheme, don’t overlook these advantages…
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The Power of Postcards

In a world where the number of digital advertisements and emails continues to increase, direct mail is an opportunity for marketers to stand out. In this presentation, we will share ideas on how to improve your postcard’s performance. Marketers and designers might get a smile out of the Wikipedia description of a postcard. A postcard…
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Show Love with Paper Hugs

Emails, social media posts, and virtual conferences. Brands, looking for ways to stay connected with customers who were quarantined at home, have increased the use of digital tactics. Families are also adopting new digital tools to stay connected with grandparents and extended families. But screen time does not always satisfy the need to show loved…
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Efficient Production Using Inline Finishing

Web printing makes it easier to produce high-volume publications in a shorter amount of time while reducing overhead and improving quality. Inline finishing takes this efficient production a step further by allowing for printing, slitting, folding, gluing and trimming all taking place in one go. As one of the most sophisticated printing techniques in the…
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Sheet-Fed Versus Web Printing – Which is Right for Your Printing Project

At Lithographics, we handle a myriad of different printing projects. If you can imagine it, there’s a good chance we have the advanced equipment, technical know-how, and practical experience to bring your ideas to life. The problem that the average printing customer faces is their unfamiliarity with the various printing options. Although we’ve spent years…
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Planning Signage Solutions for Reopened Facilities in the New Normal

The health and safety of people who visit and work in your facility is a primary concern. For a safe reopening, social distancing signage is a must. Well-placed signage reminds employees and site visitors of new regulations and promotes safety standards. While plenty of facilities have chosen to go with hastily assembled black and white…
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Why You Should Print Tradeshow Dailies

Conference organizers are continually looking for ways to maximize their tradeshow marketing budget. While many different strategies get tossed around in the industry, traditional tradeshow dailies are still at the top when it comes to the effectiveness of displaying your message. In the digital world we live in today, it’s refreshing to know trade show…
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Digital Printing Services

Digital Printing Services: What You Should Know First

You’re looking for a Nashville printing company that offers digital printing services. With so many choices available, who do you go with? While there’s a wide range of different printing partners you could choose from, only a few have been operating since 1975. While printing methods and techniques have changed over the last 4 decades,…
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Promotional Products

Are Promotional Products Worth The Investment?

Promotional products can leave an everlasting impression on your prospects, if you’re using them. Are you? How Can Promotional Products Benefit Your Company? There’s no denying the fact, the more promotional products you have in the market, the more opportunities you’re going to create for your business. A lot of business owners debate whether or…
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Custom Print Images

Custom Print Banners

Custom print banners are one of the most effective ways to build awareness for your company. Are you looking to boost your visibility in the market? The right personalized banner can catch the eye of a passerby or prospect, especially in busy, high-traffic situations or events. We offer personalized banners and signs for every setting…
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Digital Printing

What Is Digital Printing? Pros, Cons And Everything You Should Know

If you’ve been searching around for printing companies, you’ve likely come across “digital printing” a time or two. While many people are familiar with the term “digital” as it pertains to printing, a lot of people are not  exactly sure what digital printing involves. Digital Printing Definition Digital printing refers to methods of printing from a…
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Offset Printing

What Is Offset Printing?

If you’ve never heard of offset printing before, you may not be familiar with everything it involves. Offset printing is how we got our start. Offset Printing Definition Offset printing, sometimes referred to  as lithography or litho-offset, is a widely used printing technique in commercial printing where an inked image on a printing plate is printed on…
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