G7 Certification: Elevating Your Print Experience

Your print experience is extremely important to us. In the dynamic landscape of printing, where precision and color accuracy are paramount, the importance of choosing the right print service provider cannot be overstated. One notable distinction that sets printers apart is the G7 certification. In this blog, we will explore why working with a G7-certified printer like Lithographics is not just a choice but a strategic decision that can elevate the quality and consistency of your print projects.


The Benefits of G7 Certification

G7 is a color calibration methodology developed by the International Digital Enterprise Alliance (IDEAlliance). The G7 process is designed to ensure a common visual appearance of printed materials across different printing devices and substrates. It establishes a standardized color management system, aligning color reproduction with industry-accepted specifications.


What does that mean for customers? These are just five of the biggest benefits:


1. Consistency Across Devices and Substrates

G7 certification goes beyond individual printing devices and considers the entire printing workflow. This means that whether your project involves multiple printers, different printing technologies, or various types of substrates, a G7-certified printer is equipped to maintain consistent color reproduction. This consistency is invaluable, especially when your brand relies on maintaining a uniform visual identity across diverse print materials.

2. Predictable and Repeatable Results


The G7 methodology is built on gray balance and tonal response principles. By calibrating printers to the G7 standard, a printer like Lithographics can achieve predictable and repeatable color results. This is crucial for businesses and designers who seek to replicate specific colors accurately across various print runs or over time. Predictability and repeatability are pillars of reliability in the print industry.

3. Time and Cost Savings


G7 certification streamlines the color management process, reducing the need for extensive color corrections and reprints. With a G7-certified printer, you can minimize the time spent on adjustments and iterations, resulting in faster turnaround times. This efficiency not only saves time but also contributes to cost savings, making the overall printing process more economical.

4. Enhanced Communication and Collaboration

When both the client and the printer understand the G7 standard, a common language for discussing and achieving desired color outcomes is established. This alignment fosters clearer communication, reduces misunderstandings, and enhances collaboration. Clients can have greater confidence that the final printed piece will closely match their expectations, increasing satisfaction.

5. Adherence to Industry Standards


G7 certification is recognized as an industry standard, and working with a certified printer demonstrates a commitment to quality and professionalism. This can be particularly crucial in sectors where color accuracy is non-negotiable, including branding, marketing, and packaging. G7 certification reflects a printer’s dedication to meeting and exceeding industry benchmarks.


The G7 certification emerges as a standard of reliability and consistency in the interplay of colors and precision that defines the world of printing. Working with a G7-certified printer like Lithographics is a strategic investment in the success of your print projects. It ensures that your colors are reproduced accurately and streamlines the entire printing process, saving you time and resources while producing the highest quality.