Efficient Production Using Inline Finishing

Web printing makes it easier to produce high-volume publications in a shorter amount of time while reducing overhead and improving quality. Inline finishing takes this efficient production a step further by allowing for printing, slitting, folding, gluing and trimming all taking place in one go.

As one of the most sophisticated printing techniques in the world, you can have a pristine piece complete after just one operation, giving you more time and money to put elsewhere. Here, we’ll take a deeper look at the advantages of inline finishing with web offset printing.

What Web Presses Offer by Themselves

 Even when used alone, web presses offer unparalleled production with a variety of publication and commercial print applications. Instead of relying on sheet-fed printing where every piece of material needs to be fed independently, web presses operate with a roll. This greatly reduces time and cost while increasing capacity. Most web presses also have the ability to print and fold into signatures. Once the roll is printed, the best web presses are also able to sheet it.

The Unique Advantages of Lithographics

 Lithographics has made an extra effort to include inline finishing equipment in their production. This equipment is specifically designed to give printers more control over the printing process.

With inline finishing, you can do more than folding or sheeting a roll after printing. At Lithographics, we’ve invested in top-of-the-line equipment that allows us to perform a wide variety of functions. If you want to perf pages or coupons to tear out in a catalog through a process called perforating, it can be done.

This technology can also diecut items into simple shapes, adding intriguing elements to make certain designs pop. Booklets can be trimmed and glued inline, ultimately bypassing the need for the costly process of saddle-stitching, saving customers in the long-run. You could also add remoistenable glue to different pieces, making them easier for customers to complete and return.

What Kinds of Publications Can Be Made With Inline Finishing?

Inline web finishing expands the different types of printed products that can be produced. With the ability to perform gatefolds, single-folds, double-gatefolds and tri-folded pieces, the possibilities are nearly endless. The larger capacity and quicker production also increase the number of publications that can be made. You can do coupon sheets, inserts, flyers, direct email, peel-back tab pieces, mini-catalogs, brochures and more. Adding a diecut or other interesting element to some of these projects can increase ROI for your marketing strategies. Mailers can save valuable time since items come fresh off the press ready to address.

With inline finishing at Lithographics, you’ll have access to significantly more printing options than other providers can offer. We’re one of the most experienced Nashville printing companies in the city.

Our industry-leading equipment can save you time, money and energy – all things every company would love to have. Perhaps best of all, this can be accomplished without sacrificing quality. In fact, the final products come out better than you can imagine. Contact us to learn more about what we offer.