Choosing the Right T-Shirt for Your Next Promotion

Choosing a T-shirt style for your next promotional apparel line is just as important as creating the logo, design, and other elements. While a tee may seem like a pretty simple piece of clothing, it actually can come in a very wide variety of cuts and styles.


What style is right for your next campaign? Here’s what to know about four of the most common types of tees, from what sets them apart to how to identify them during the selection process and more.


Crop or “Baby” Tees

Deliberately short tees have gone in and out of fashion for decades, and they’ve gone by a number of names over the decades. Regardless of what they’re called, these shirts are defined by their short hemlines, ranging from just high enough to reveal a strip of belly to full-fledged crop tops that end just below the bust. The longer, belly-grazing cuts can give a subtler look (or can double as a “regular” length for people with short torsos), while higher crop tops tend to skew boxy, swingy, and trendy.


Slim or Fitted Tees


Slim and fitted tees are a popular choice, combining the casual style of the classic T-shirt with a sleeker look. However, the very idea of “fitted” means there’s less wiggle room for different body shapes and sizes, and sizing may vary a little more than with a looser cut. Depending on the manufacturer, these shirts may compensate for this by using a material with a little more give and stretch. These tees tend to be cut slimmer in both the torso and the sleeves, resulting in a more tailored look that can sometimes be “dressed up” more than a loose cut.


Textured Tees

The mid-2000s saw the rise of the “irregular” or “slub” tee, a loose, textured, deliberately irregular weave for tees. This style of tee is more about the texture of the material than the cut of the shirt. When it comes to style, these shirts can be worn in a whole variety of ways, from super-casual and laid-back to more high-end and professional. The key is the intentionally uneven, textured weave, which produces a faux-vintage effect.


Oversized or Slouchy Tees

You get exactly what you expect when you choose an oversized tee: a shirt that is deliberately larger than the typical proportions for its size label. These tees also go by other names, like “slouchy” or “boyfriend” or “relaxed” cuts, but the gist is the same. The trick with these tees is to find a shirt with the cut and proportions that maintain a loose, casual vibe without leaving the wearer completely swimming in it.


Any of these tees also have a multitude of other features to consider. Is the neck V-shaped, scoop-shaped, or crew cut? How low or high is the neckline? How long or short are the sleeves? Where does the individual design sit on this unique cut or style?


Lithographics can help you find the perfect T-shirt style and design for your next promotion! Talk to our team today to learn about all the possibilities.