Digital Printing VS Offset Printing

Digital vs Offset Printing

If you’re a business owner and you have printing projects due, you may be wondering what type of printing method you should use. If you’re familiar with printing, you’ve likely already thought about Digital Printing vs Offset Printing, after all, these are two of the most common printing methods used today. Two of the most…

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Efficient Production Using Inline Finishing

Web printing makes it easier to produce high-volume publications in a shorter amount of time while reducing overhead and improving quality. Inline finishing takes this efficient production a step further by allowing for printing, slitting, folding, gluing and trimming all taking place in one go. As one of the most sophisticated printing techniques in the…

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Sheet-Fed Versus Web Printing – Which is Right for Your Printing Project

At Lithographics, we handle a myriad of different printing projects. If you can imagine it, there’s a good chance we have the advanced equipment, technical know-how, and practical experience to bring your ideas to life. The problem that the average printing customer faces is their unfamiliarity with the various printing options. Although we’ve spent years…

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