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Isabel's Adventures

Hello! My name is Isabel Stanley, and I am a Graphic Communications major at Clemson University! I am so fortunate to have met Lithographics at our internship fair this spring semester, and then later being able to fly in to interview with the company. 

As a Graphic Comm major at Clemson, we are required to accomplish two internships (one summer, one during the school year) in order to graduate. We learn about all the different processes used for graphic, printing, and visual communication, and we even get the chance to take on more specialized areas of study. I’m excited to get this hands-on experience with Lithographics and learn more about what might be next in my career.

I’m feeling so blessed that Lithographics is giving me the ability to lead, learn and create my own mark. This summer I will be the Operations Intern focusing on development, 6s and quality. I am excited to share my progress with y’all! 

Week 11

Today is my last Friday at Lithographics and it is bittersweet. I have four more business days as at this company and the work is starting to slow down. Today I completed a whole new training program. While rewarding to finish, it is bittersweet to not see my work go into action. As much as…
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Week 10

Summer is closing fast and strong! This past week I had my hands full with Audit work, but after several long days, and reading an entire ISO 9001: 2015 book, the internal audit is finished! It was by far my largest project and the paperwork leading up to the audit and afterward still needs work.…
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Week 9

With now only three weeks left in my internship, the job is starting to hit the climax! Something important in all work is getting criticism and working out the rough drafts. However, it is frustrating when the work done has to be completely remodeled. This week I learned my auditing program has a good start,…
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Week 8

This week has been a whirlwind! With the holiday on Monday, and a last-minute trip home, this work week had many twists. None the less, I was able to work from home Thursday and Friday! This week I really focused on Audit and Root Cause training. I look forward to going through the training with…
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Week 7

This week I began to prepare and learn root cause analysis training. I was trained, then watched videos and read more on the best techniques and diagrams to help issues be resolved and more importantly, found. After the training, I have been reviewing the power point and improving the training so I can train the…
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Week 6

Halfway done with the internship, and halfway done with my summer projects. I have completed all Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) and have started on Process Flow Maps. I received Root Cause Analysis training and educated myself on the different processes, Such as 5 Why’s and Fishbone Diagrams. I am excited to lead different groups in…
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Week 5

Today marks 5 weeks into my internship! Today was one of my busier days as all of the projects are starting to overlap. I worked on 6S this week and Bindery is finished except for die cutter. I am happy to say the bindery is looking cleaner and more organized. I started quality this week…
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Week 4

As week four ends, I am happy to announce my development plans in production have been successful thus far. Sorting the different parts in operations has been a positive experience and a beneficial time for learning and growing relationships in the building. I appreciate the hard work that everyone puts into producing projects for clients…
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Week 3

I am ending my third week at Lithographics, and I finally understand the actual process that goes into print production. I have learned from the operations side all week and spent most of my hours with the manufacturing team. I began to tackle 6S, which stands for: sort, straighten, sweep, standardize, self-discipline and safety. The…
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Week 2

This week, I created my own schedule and participated in “Around the World.” This means I went through the entire company and learned various positions to go through the entire process of a job. From estimating to CSR to being a press operator, each job matters and a vital part of a the total process…
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Week 1

Starting my summer off strong, I have already learned so much. During my internship I will be tackling and implementing three big projects: development, 6S, and quality. This week I was personally taught and shown hands on how to create plans to see these projects become successful. I was given personalized lessons on audits, 6S,…
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