Week 10

Summer is closing fast and strong! This past week I had my hands full with Audit work, but after several long days, and reading an entire ISO 9001: 2015 book, the internal audit is finished! It was by far my largest project and the paperwork leading up to the audit and afterward still needs work. However, I am proud of my work and creativity. I find that reading, researching, and leading with my gut helps get work done. It is hard being confident in a new project, especially one this large, but I think I did a great job, and I am excited to see how Lithographics uses it through the years!

Now with two weeks left, I am going through and doing “touch ups” to all three of my projects. It is remarkable the amount of work you can get done in 10 weeks! I will miss Nashville, and Lithographics, so for the next two weeks I am eager to soak up every ounce of knowledge and fun this experience can offer me!